Every Night a World Created

Every Night a World Created

Saturday July 7, 2018  to Saturday September 8, 2018
Kamloops Art Gallery

Dion Fortie

As part of Dion Fortie’s artistic process, he finds materials through daily walks along riverbanks, industrial outskirts and sites of refuse. At these sites, cast-off materials are detached from their intended purpose and found alongside unrelated objects. Fortie repurposes these finds, transforming them symbolically and formally in sculptural arrangements. The works take the form of assemblages, assisted ready-mades and installations that reference art history and design. They are often constructed to human scale, suggesting anthropomorphic forms that act as stand-ins for the human body.

For his new body of work, Every Night a World Created, Fortie developed a multi media installation of found objects and discarded materials to be installed in The Cube along with accompanying works sited on the artist’s walking route. Both the gallery and off-site works take into consideration the surrounding landscape and fringe quality of natural and industrial areas within the city. The sculptures fuse multifarious materials, both natural and manufactured, to form wall hangings and free-standing sculptures that reference the original purpose of the objects while giving them new meaning within the gallery space. The offsite sculptures stand alone when encountered by chance at their sites, but offer another dimension when viewed in relation to the work in The Cube.

Curated by Craig Willms, Assistant Curator, Kamloops Art Gallery

The Cube

Location Information: Kamloops Art Gallery

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In 1998, the KAG moved to a purpose-built civic building, designed by award-winning architects Peter Cardew and Nigel Baldwin, which also houses the Thompson-Nicola Regional District offices and the Kamloops branch of the TNRD Library System. The 20,853 square foot Gallery includes 4,500 square feet of exhibition space, an admissions/store area, two multipurpose studio/workshop/lecture rooms, a packing and acclimatization area, the collection storage vault with an adjoining workroom and, on a mezzanine above, administration and curatorial offices along with a research library. In 2006, the KAG was designated a Category “A” institution under the Cultural Property Export and Import Act.

The Gallery’s annual attendance has ranged between 24,000 and 37,000 over the last five years. It enjoys a national reputation for its touring exhibitions and publications and has developed relationships with national and international artists, curators, critics and scholars. The KAG is also well respected for its exhibitions, events and educational and public programs through activities organized and presented in the community and region involving both contemporary and historical art. Its collection as of December 2012 consists of 2,700 works that primarily reflect the Gallery’s exhibition history. In 2005, the KAG co-commissioned with the University of British Columbia’s Morris and Helen Belkin Art Gallery Canada’s participation in the 51st Venice Biennale with the work of Rebecca Belmore.

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The Kamloops Art Gallery is the principal gallery in the Southern Interior of British Columbia supporting contemporary and historical visual arts and practices on a local, national and international level. The KAG acknowledges art to be an essential part of the human experience in nurturing a healthy society. As a leading cultural institution, the KAG is an integral part of the fabric that draws intellectual, social and economic opportunities to our province and to our region.

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