2019 Winter File Series: Border

2019 Winter File Series: Border

Thursday February 14, 2019
7:00 pm
Paramount Theatre


Tina is a customs officer who has an uncanny sense: she can literally sniff out the guilt on anyone who has something to hide. When a suspicious man named Vore walks into her life, she finds herself in unchartered territory. Her abilities challenged for the first time, Tina becomes attracted to this strange new influence in her life as she tries to understand the new special bond they share. It is a process of inquiry that will lead her to discover his true identity as she comes face to face with the truth about herself.

Unique, unforgettable and cathartic, Border is an oddball, but poignant cult classic in the making. Abbasi’s sincerity wisely avoids caricature and mocking his marginalized characters and in doing so he crafts a surprisingly humanist and artful story of love for the diminished and dismissed outsiders of the world.

The Playlist – Jordan Ruimy https://theplaylist.net/border-trolls-cannes-review-20180528/
Border is a piece of modern gothic, a far out midnight movie which delivers on the WTF-ery while maintaining a surprisingly big and generous heart.

CineVue – John Bleasdale https://cine-vue.com/2018/05/cannes-2018-border-review.html
It’s not quite horror, crime, or comedy — it really just is “fantastic,” in every sense of the word.

Uproxx – Vince Mancini https://uproxx.com/movies/border-review-fantastic-fest/

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Sweden | Denmark
Directed by Ali Abbasi
In Swedish with English subtitles
Fantasy, Romance, Thriller
101 minutes
Rated 14A: sexually suggestive scene; violence