Gorge Rim Route – Kamloops Trails

Gorge Rim Route – Kamloops Trails

Posted on: February 5, 2019 5:37 pm
by: Doug Smith

The first trails I hiked in the Kamloops area were in Peterson Creek Park. That was in 1976. It was a rough area with a few single track trails. Over a few months, I hiked every trail, but I also explored many off-trail routes, including some scrambling in the gorge. I worked out a loop that followed the edge of the gorge, along the rim on both sides. Since that time trails have been established on both sides of the canyon rim, including some paths on private property. Mountain bikers have expanded the network of trails on the east side (outside of the park) so it becomes a little confusing which trails should be followed and there are several possible options for a loop route.

the Gorge Rim Route

On this day at the start of winter, the trails were still dry so I hiked the Mariposa Trail then the Tom Moore Trail and followed the lower trails down to cross the creek.

in the canyon

There was a lot of flow in the creek from melting snow in the high country sources so the crossing required a log walk.

icicles on the bottom of the log walk

There are 3 parallel trails on the east side and the lowest one offers the most interesting route, but it is a narrow single track right at the edge of the gorge, not safe for children or anyone with a fear of heights.

horizontal junipers in the gorge

At a junction, a hand-made sign called the unofficlal rim trail “Sneaky Weasel.” It has the best views into the canyon, but again has some drop-offs. At one point it descends down to a viewpoint of the Peterson Creek (Bridal Veil) Falls.

Peterson Creek Falls

The trails winds down to the bottom of the gorge so a loop route requires a steep descent down then a steep ascent up the west side. Some of the best views to the north are found on the Grasslands Trail.

The Gorge Rim Route is only 3.7 km and it can be completed in about 75 minutes. It will not be a good choice in slippery conditions so wait until the trails dry out in spring.

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