Edith Lake on a SuP

Posted on: August 12, 2017 8:48 am

Edith Lake is a popular fishing lake so it is better for paddlers to launch at non-prime fishing times to stay out of the way.   We went out with our stand-up paddleboard and paddled away from fishing boats, sticking close to the shoreline.

Grassland hills rise above the lake on each side.

The back arms of the lake are sheltered and shallow, fine for a paddle, but not good for fishing.

Edith Lake sits in a natural basin between Edith Hill and the Grandview Hill and is filled with meltwaters from the surrounding hills.  There is a small outlet stream (Humphrey Creek) that flows south into Peterson Creek at high water.   A small BC Rec site is now established on the western shores, adjacent to the Edith Lake Road.

From the hills above the lake, the view over the lake  stretches over the grasslands to Edith Hill just one kilometer to the west.

The paddle around the shoreline of Edith Lake is only 3.6 km, just right for a leisurely SuP outing on a spring day.

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