Chimera Theatre Presents the Second Annual Hydra Performing Arts Festival

Chimera Theatre Presents the Second Annual Hydra Performing Arts Festival

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 Tuesday April 23, 2019
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Chimera Theatre Presents the Second Annual Hydra Performing Arts Festival

KAMLOOPS, BC – After the wildly successful inaugural festival last year, Chimera Theatre is excited to announce the second annual Hydra Festival of Performing Arts in partnership with Actors Workshop Theatre. Once again, we will be premiering a selection of twelve new works next month at the Actors Workshop Theatre.

The Hydra Performing Arts Festival is a festival for theatre, dance, and music in Kamloops, BC. For our second year, we have an thrilling collection of new works by Kamloops artists with a focus on interdisciplinary art and challenging theatrical form. With comedies, dramas, burlesque, puppetry, and shows ranging from all ages to adults only, there’s sure to be something for everyone at the Hydra Festival!

We are striving to challenge what theatre is both for artists and audiences. We chose the Hydra because of its multiple heads it represents the many diverse ways theatre can grow and be presented. Like the Chimera, it represents many different forms coming together and working as a cohesive unit.

Each of the twelve shows will be performed three times during the seven-day festival:

Arron Butowski Bodybreak presented by Arron Butowski
Backstage Bargain presented by Gilda Lily and the Chorus Girls
Brothers presented by Paul Rancourt
Conflicted presented by HoneyBear Productions
Devon More: Hits Like a Girl presented by Devon More Music
Grow On, Grow Forth presented by Kayly Erno and Jyelle Vogel
Informercial presented by Tits ‘n’ Anarchy Production
Other Deaths of the Universe presented by Andrew G. Cooper
PULSE presented by Dela Coutts
A Slip In Time presented by The Freudian Slips
The Transoulition Institution presented by Failure Party/NAV
Tonight’s The Night with Zorblax, Destroyer of Worlds presented by Dan Ondang & Ashley Hiibner

The Hydra Performing Arts Festival runs May 23rd to 26th and May 30th to June 1st, 2019 at the Actors Workshop Theatre at Thompson Rivers University.Shows range in length from 30 to 75 minutes. A full guide for the festival is available online at

Ticket bundles and festival passes are available! All single tickets are $15 and can be purchased in advance at Tickets, passes, and Festival Buttons will also be available at the venue with cash or credit one hour prior to each performance. Ticket holders need a festival button AND a ticket to see a Hydra Festival performance.

More about the festival can be found on the company’s website at