Community Change is Positive

 January 17, 2018 /  Darryl Schmidt /  Business, Kamloops, News /  No Comments

Whenever a change comes to a community, there are a range of responses felt. Some are vocally opposed, others are early adopters, the vast majority are thoughtful and considering. The vocally opposed often need to see the reality of the change, once implemented; Early adopters will show up with shovel in hand to assist; and the vast majority will adapt over time. All need one thing: clear communication about what the change is. The more information that is able to be shared, the greater the unde …

Minister Mark encourages engagement on existing sexual violence policies

 January 8, 2018 /  Darryl Schmidt /  BC, Business, News, Video /  No Comments

Melanie Mark, Minister of Advanced Education, Skills and Training is encouraging more public engagement for the Prevent Sexual Violence campaign. All 25 public post-secondary institutions have existing policies that address sexual violence and misconduct. The engagement asks for public feedback on these policies, which are all available at the website below. The engagement closes on January 29th, 2018. To provide feedback or learn more, visit:

Compliance tips for checking identification and refusing liquor service to minors

 January 3, 2018 /  Darryl Schmidt /  BC, Business, News, Video /  No Comments

This video describes best practices and useful tips to ensure your establishment is properly checking identification and refusing liquor service to minors in British Columbia.

Three economic predictions for 2018

 January 2, 2018 /  Darryl Schmidt /  BC, Business, News /  No Comments

By Jock Finlayson The coming year is sure to bring its share of surprises for both economic prognosticators and business decision-makers.  After all, 12 months ago almost no one foresaw the Canadian dollar rallying by 7% against the US currency over the course of 2017.  Nor was there much confidence among business commentators that the Trump administration would succeed in pushing through a major package of tax reforms and rate reductions.  And while Donald Trump had been harshly …

Happy New Year

 December 28, 2017 /  Darryl Schmidt /  Business, Kamloops, News /  No Comments

This New Year may you find a loving yet firm hand of friendships and companionship each time you stretch out yours. This year make a promise to achieve what you truly desire in your life. May the year 2018 bring you happiness, success and filled with peace, hope and love.~Team North Shore

Emergency preparedness: Your New Year’s resolution

 December 27, 2017 /  Darryl Schmidt /  BC, Business, News, Video /  No Comments

What’s your New Year’s resolution? Parliamentary Secretary for Emergency Preparedness Jennifer Rice urges all British Columbians to commit to emergency preparedness. Learn more: PreparedBC is British Columbia’s one-stop shop for disaster readiness information. For tips on how to prepare an emergency plan and what to include in an emergency kit, visit PreparedBC:

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