United Way Poverty Simulation

United Way Poverty Simulation

 Monday March 25, 2019
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United Way Poverty Simulation

The United Way recently held a Poverty Simulator for community members to experience a day in the life of those struggling to make ends meet.

1 thought on “United Way Poverty Simulation”

  1. More people who DO NOT know what it's like to live in poverty NEED to participate in this! Although it doesn't surprise me that Penticton currently doesn't have enough volunteers to make their simulation event happen, it quite bothers me! I believe that it's easier for people to turn a blind eye to poverty, the working poor and homelessness or…shun away from, make fun of or simply ridicule! A person could learn so much from taking part in an event like this, perhaps even develop some compassion and empathy for others not living in the same standards as themselves!

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