Life As a Little Person

 March 18, 2019 /  Shaw TV Kamloops /  Kamloops /  38 Comments

Meet Riley Windeler – a TRU student and sports fanatic who just happens to be 4’6” tall. He has a form of short limbed dwarfism called Hypochondroplasia but hasn’t let his height (or lack thereof) get in the way.

Christmas tree burn test: dry vs hydrated

 March 18, 2019 /  ProvinceofBC /  BC, Politics /  3 Comments

B roll: Visual demonstration of how quickly a Christmas tree can burn when not properly watered and cared for as compared to a tree that is well hydrated.

Bugaboo Provincial Park – The Great Ranger Experience

 March 18, 2019 /  ProvinceofBC /  BC, Politics /  No Comments

In celebration of BC Parks’ Centennial, Rangers Tay Hanson and Jeff Volp invite you to join them on an expedition into Bugaboo Provincial Park. See how a group of enthusiastic local high school students handle a climbing adventure into one of the world’s most amazing climbing destination. Bugaboo Provincial Park protects a unique ecosystem of rock spires that protrude out of ancient glaciers. Ranger Tay Hansen explains the everyday duties of a ranger albeit in an extraordinary place. One visit t …

B.C.'s airtankers are an important tool in fighting forest fires

 March 18, 2019 /  ProvinceofBC /  BC, Politics /  No Comments

Airtankers play an important role in supporting ground crews extinguish forest fires. See airtankers in action, dropping retardant. Jeff Berry, Manager of B.C.’s Provincial Air Tanker Centre explains how airtankers are used. Find out more at


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South Okanagan Grasslands – The Great Ranger Experience

 March 18, 2019 /  ProvinceofBC /  BC, Politics /  No Comments

Rolling grass hills, ponderosa pine trees, rocky outcrops and antelope brush characterize the unique and spectacular landscape of the South Okanagan. Ranger Sara Bunge and Ranger Mark Weston want to share the spectacular ecosystems that are protected within the South Okanagan Grassland Provincial Park. The grassland ecosystem is one of the most rare and sensitive landscapes in British Columbia. Park rangers monitor the subtle changes within the ecosystem and endeavour to limit stress to the ecos …

Inquiry will clarify regulation of Indigenous utilities

 March 18, 2019 /  Darryl Schmidt /  BC, News, Politics /  No Comments

Print Energy, Mines and Petroleum Resources British Columbia News Inquiry will clarify regulation of Indigenous utilities Information Bulletin Victoria Monday, March 18, 2019 1:00 PM Information Bulletin Victoria Monday, March 18, 2019 1:00 PM To support the development of clean-energy projects and businesses that reduce or avoid greenhouse gas emissions, benefit ratepayers and provide potential economic opportunities for Indigenous communities, government has asked …

New facilities engineer a strong future for UNBC students

 March 18, 2019 /  Darryl Schmidt /  BC, News, Politics /  No Comments

Starting this year, students at the University of Northern British Columbia (UNBC) will be able to complete their full engineering degree close to home in the North, with a provincial investment of $3.5 million in new learning facilities.The funding will help UNBC increase its use of existing classroom space and teaching laboratories, and create a centralized collaboration space for programs starting in September 2019, when UNBC students can start the first full civil and environmental engineeri …

Special Public Avalanche Warning: Mountains of Western Canada. March 18, 2019

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Avalanche Canada, in partnership with Parks Canada and Alberta’s Kananaskis Countrys issuing a Special Public Avalanche Warning for recreational backcountry users, in effect immediately. The warning is widespread and applies to all the forecast regions in western Canada. For a map of the regions involved, click here. See below for a map of the area covered by the warning.   View Link to Original Source

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