Tranquille Tunnel Theatre Presents: “The Witness”

Tranquille Tunnel Theatre Presents: “The Witness”

Thursday September 7, 2017  to Saturday October 21, 2017
Tranquille Farm Fresh

150 years ago, Betsy Cooney settled at the confluence of the Tranquille Creek, Thompson River, and Kamloops Lake with their two-week-old daughter Kathrine. Over the years this ranching couple became local legends as their fruit and produce won prizes in Europe, their horse herd grew to become Canada’s largest, and they expanded their ranch west 30 kilometers to the end of Kamloops Lake. In 1922, 5 years after the death of Charles, the provincial government forced Betsy Cooney to sell her beloved ranch to them at a fraction of what the property was worth. The Witness unfolds the story of how family members and staff at the King Edward Sanatorium came together after the death of Betsy in 1942, to discover what really had happened between Betsy and the devilish government carpet baggers. This true story has been researched and written by Chimera Theatre.

Theatre goers can expect an entertaining and interactive theatre experience as The Witness is presented amongst the fabled buildings and tunnel system of Tranquille. Commencing Thursday, September 7, 2017, three 1 hour shows per night will be performed each Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, with the last show scheduled for Saturday, October 21st. This eagerly anticipated event will be held on the grounds of the legendary King Edward Sanatorium also known as Padova, located at 4600 Tranquille Road, Kamloops BC.

Tickets are available online at . Book early to avoid being disappointed. Exclusive private shows (with a minimum of 20 participants) can be booked Wednesday evenings by corporations, not for profit organizations, families, sports teams, or a group of friends. Contact Tranquille Farm Fresh at 250 572 2530 for more information. The Partners: Tranquille Farm Fresh is a Kamloops based company that provides a variety of family entertainment activities each fall celebrating the rich history of the Tranquille On the Lake property. Chimera Theatre is a theatre company based out of Kamloops. It is committed to present innovative, inventive and original works of Canadian Theatre.

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4600 Tranquille Road,
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