Keishia Treber in the KAC Main Gallery and Hallway

Keishia Treber in the KAC Main Gallery and Hallway

Wednesday October 10, 2018  to Saturday November 3, 2018
Kamloops Courthouse Gallery

OPENING RECEPTION: Wednesday, Oct 10, 5-8 pm

Artist Statement

We are so lucky to live where we do in BC. It’s all how you look at it, and Kamloops is on the other end of the spectrum when you compare the rest of our province… because it’s different! There are so many stunning aspects of this unique desert that I would like to bring out in some of my featured artworks.

Never have I seen so many vibrant sunsets in a given week, and the pastel colors of the rolling hills are just screaming to become a watercolor painting. For this collection of artworks, I have kept my painting style “less busy” to really focus on the parts of Kamloops that inspire me creatively. That wide open sky is always brilliant with so many different patterns and colors. The hills so pastel and often sun struck.

Trees!! Kamloops has a wonderful variety, and I love them in all their greatness, from tall to short, burnt, green, each have their own beauty.

This collection of paintings is my way of showing my love and appreciation for where I live and how much I am inspired by the unique beauties of the Kamloops area.
Take a moment for you, and enjoy!

About Keishia

Keishia Treber is best known for her Canadian Landscape, and Stylized Wildlife Paintings. Born and raised in the small town of Revelstoke, BC, Keishia has called Kamloops home for the past 12 years after attending University in 2006. Keishia’s work often resembles scenery and animals from both areas.

“Painting the thick forests, brilliant sunsets, adorable animals, and mountains of Kamloops and my hometown bring happiness to my heart. Creating these artworks help to keep my cherished memories alive, bringing me closer to a more organic and humble self.” – Keishia

During her art career, Keishia has explored the female figure, creative animals, and landscapes through many different materials and mediums, specifically watercolors, acrylic on canvas and paintings on stained wood. After completing the Fine Arts Program at the Thompson Rivers University in 2008 Keishia began painting full time. Currently Keishia continues to create art in her home studio in Kamloops, BC, where she loves preparing for shows and selling online.

“I am very proud to be an entrepreneur in this era. I feel extremely fortunate to be able to travel and showcase my art. It has indeed been such an amazing journey for both my creative and business soul.” – Keishia

Location Information: Kamloops Courthouse Gallery

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City Centre

7 West Seymour Street,
Kamloops, BC,
V2C 1E4

The Kamloops Courthouse Gallery is a non-profit, co-operative art gallery which was founded in 2007 by a small group of dedicated artists from the Kamloops area. Today, the Gallery and Gift Shop are managed by a growing group of artists offering a wide range of talents and skills.

The purpose of the gallery is to provide a venue for member artists to sell their work while offering the community an opportunity to experience different forms of visual and functional art. Our objectives are to provide continuing support for the co-op and its membership through the gift shop and by organizing artisan fairs in the Old Courthouse.

Another objective is to provide education by offering demonstrations and workshops for those interested in learning a new art form.

We are dedicated to creating an enriching and cultural experience for both residents and visitors of Kamloops, as well as the people of British Columbia. Culture, Art, Community and Prosperity all become a reality as a result of this initiative. We are located in the historic “Old Kamloops Courthouse” which we share with the Kamloops Community Arts Council and Arnica.

The Kamloops Courthouse Gallery Gift Shop boasts an unmatched selection of media and styles including pottery, jewelry, glass art, paintings, scupture and fibre art to suit the tastes of casual shoppers as well as serious collectors.