Homes, Hops & Corks – How to Buy a Home

Homes, Hops & Corks – How to Buy a Home

Thursday November 8, 2018
7pm  – 9pm
Red Collar Brewing
RSVP Ticket Required

Join the Joel Olson Mortgage Team and learn how to:
– Improve your credit rating and make sure you qualify for the most cost-effective mortgage
– Get a downpayment together, even if you don’t have any money now
– Learn all the costs and buying pitfalls that you might encounter
– and, Learn how to GUARANTEE getting a mortgage for your dream home

Location Information: Red Collar Brewing

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City Centre
Red Collar Brewing

355 Lansdowne Street,
Kamloops, BC,
V2C 1X9

Red Collar is a craft brewery located in downtown Kamloops, with an 80 seat tasting room.

Why Red Collar? Have you ever had a dog that was like a family member? We do, she’s a black lab named Goosey and she has always worn a red collar. We wanted to do something for her, and we’re not very imaginative.

We expect to brew at least 25 different beers a year and bottle as much as we can. We want to keep it fun and fresh. Our tasting room is set up for conversation and game playing.