David Suzuki Foundation: One Nature

David Suzuki Foundation: One Nature

 Canada, Environment
 Monday March 25, 2019
David Suzuki Foundation: One Nature

“It’s not just people that are interconnected. All the living things on the planet are interconnected.” And yet, our natural world is suffering.

It’s time to come together and acknowledge our responsibility to protect and nurture the planet for future generations. #OneNature

8 thoughts on “David Suzuki Foundation: One Nature”

  1. Each of us has a billion kgs of air we are responsible for – no wonder the temp is going up – each of is over 50-100 years with the carbon pollution we individually emit is no doubt enough to raise those billion kgs a degree !

  2. David ~ What is going on in U of A please ?
    Why will they not allow you your Doctorate, I submit that YES I totally agree you deserve it and I oppose all the negative against you ~
    I have founded a petition on your behalf.
    Much love Jennie xxxx
    +David Suzuki Foundation

  3. I heard a lecture in the early 1980s at the Geology Department of UW in London predicting what we are now seeing in terms of climate change if we did not act soon. Yet, almost 40 years later there are still powerful people who deny the role of humans in climate change.

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