Stake Lake Loops

Stake Lake Loops

Posted on: June 29, 2018 8:48 pm
by: Doug Smith

When the weather gets hot, we often go to the high country to find shade, to be next to a lake, and to enjoy moderate in the hills trails.   In this last outing, we brought our kayaks and paddled 2 loops around the lake then hiked one loop around the lake.

We find the water in Stake Lake to be remarkably clear as follow the shoreline around for each 3.3 km loop.

After one loop, we swing the boat around to do the second loop in the opposite direction,   On the western shore there is an osprey nest so we paddle in close to see if there is any activity at the top of the broken tree,

Stake Lake is a relatively quiet lake in the summer  and we may see another paddler, but fishermen are not often encountered.

After paddling 4.6 km, we stowed the boat and hiked around the lake.   The main loop around the lake is 2.6 km, but there are many route options.

Although there is no striking scenery along the Stake Lake Trails (except for the basalt bluffs on McConnell Hill), there are birds, insects, flowers, marshes, wildlife, trees, lichens, fungi, and rocks to observe, especially if we hike quietly.   Wild strawberry season is approaching and the flowers lined the sides of the trails.

Butterflies and other pollinators are visiting the flowering plants of the area.

Bees are attracted to vetch and peavine in the open areas near the trails.

Caterpillars were cater-piling in the trees.

Various birds flitted from tree to tree along the loop.   Blackbirds and a kingfisher were on the shoreline.   A cedar waxwing flew from branch to branch in the open forest.

There were remarkably few mosquitoes, partly because there were lots of dragonflies and damselflies to prey on them.

Red columbine was displayed in forest glades or at the edges of trails.

Indian paintbrush was growing on dry open slopes and at the sides of trails.

Common blue butterflies were pollinating the strawberries.

We were tempted to go for another loop on the Stake Lake trails but we ended up with just three loops, but we will be back more times this summer for additional loops on the lake or on the trails.

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