Otter Lake Provincial Park – Kamloops Trails

Otter Lake Provincial Park – Kamloops Trails

Posted on: July 7, 2019 11:33 pm
by: Doug Smith

Otter Lake Provincial Park is situated on the northwest shore of Otter Lake, just north of Tulameen.   It can be reached by driving north from Princeton on the Coalmont Road (33 km) or on  gravel roads (34 km) from Highway 5A starting near the turn-off to Kentucky – Alleyne Lakes.  The park itself is a forested 49 hectare area in the border of the Coast Ranges and has 45 campsites on the lake.   There is a boat launch for paddlers or fishermen.   A tour in a kayak around the whole lake is 11.5 km.   Across the lake is the Brookmere to Princeton section of the Trans-Canada Trail.   The town of Tulameen is at the southern shore of the lake.


We were able to get a lakeside campsite and spent our time paddling, going for short hikes, and touring the area.



From the boat launch I kayaked around the lakeshore, but then some some weather came in, so the paddle was only half the lake this time.


At the north end, Otter Creek runs into the lake.   In the valley to the north (upstream), the Coalmont Road is on the west side of the creek and the Kettle Valley Rail Trail is on the east side.



The larger part of the lake is south of the campground.


We hiked the Nature Trail which wound through the forest on the south side.   There were some spots to look out on the lake, but for the most part it is just a forest walk.   A few wildflowers were spotted along the way.



In previous trips we had walked the Trans Canada Trail, explored the ghost town of Blakeburn, hiked to the wooden trestles from the coal mine down to Tulameen, and explored Lodestone Lake, Lodestone Mountain, Granite City, and Coalmont.

Otter Lake is a good escape if you want to slow down. During the week in June there were only 4 campsites occupied out of 45, but it will be busier in the summer.



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