On the Rocky Hills Above Kamloops Lake

On the Rocky Hills Above Kamloops Lake

Posted on: January 12, 2019 5:02 pm
by: Doug Smith

So much of the area around Kamloops Lake is inaccessible, from access and easement issues, from steep rocky bluffs and difficult terrain, from railway restrictions on both shores, and from a lack of roads through the rugged terrain.  But, over time, we have gotten to almost all the hills above the lake, over land by hiking but also by kayak, landing, then hiking up into the hills.   Only a few roads get us closer – at Cooney Bay, on the Dewdrop Range, through Tobiano, at Copper Creek, in Savona, and at Cherry Creek Station.

We still have a few sections to hike, notably the part from Painted Bluffs to Rousseau Hill, but we landed at Twelve Mile last summer and we have planned a circumnavigation of Rousseau Hill next spring (an all-day adventure).  .   That will leave a section on the steep lower slopes of Hardie Hill and some sections lower or higher in selective areas.   We have also planned a 3-day, around the lake trek for spring.

On a cold but sunny late fall day, I hiked some of the rocky hills between Six Mile Point and Savona, contouring along the tops of cliffs, winding through crusty outcrops and grass-covered sideslopes, through erosion gullies, and over shelves of glacial deposits, now covered in grasses and scattered shrubs, taking a few photos along the route.

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Our 3 day trek around the lake will be in April.   The total distance is estimated at 70 km, much of it with no trails.     We will avoid the railway, grazing fences, and roads above and back from the lake, using the natural terrain the way wildlife create game trails to work our way west, around the end of the lake and then back east along the difficult south shore of Kamloops Lake.   A featured story will follow.



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