On Battle Bluff – Kamloops Trails

On Battle Bluff – Kamloops Trails

Posted on: April 14, 2019 8:48 pm
by: Doug Smith

At the very start of spring, I hiked into Battle Bluff twice. The first hike was half way in to check out conditions. There was some mud and ice, but by skirting those spots, the route was clear enough for a group hike. When I returned 4 days later, the ice was gone and the mud was really only in a couple of places near the start. On that second hike, we hiked to the top of Battle Bluff, then I also scrambled down the west shoulder of Battle Bluff to explore the rugged, steep and rocky area, that is seldom visited.

On the hike in, we stopped at a viewpoint on top of a small hill to look over to Battle Bluff.

To the north were rows of basalt columns below Dewdrop Ridge.

On the way up the final bluff, the sun shone through wispy clouds, There are a small number of wind-shaped and wind-dwarfed trees on the rocky bluffs.

From the top of Battle Bluff were views down Kamloops Lake to Six Mile Point, 13 km west.

By scrambling down cliff bands and outcrops, I worked my way down and over to the western edge of Battle Bluff. The area is very rocky with mosses and crustose lichens growing among the outcrops and a few solitary trees looking over a vertical drop of 250 m (820 feet).

The return hike was about 5.4 km, on a sunny early spring day. To do the Battle Bluff Hike, drive on the Tranquille – Criss Creek Road past Tranquille and climb the hill. At a sharp switchback, turn left onto the Frederick Road. Follow this dirt road for 1.5 km. Watch for a pullout area on the left (there are several and all will work). the route crosses the flats then goes up a gully. Look for the trail into the gully (at N50° 44.660? W 120° 33.872?).

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