McQueen Lake Area

McQueen Lake Area

Posted on: April 15, 2018 8:30 am

At the upper end of the Lac du Bois Grasslands at 983m (3225 feet) elevation the area turns to forests, ponds, lakes, marshes, backroads, hills, and a few trails.  To the south of McQueen Lake are the Nature Conservancy of Canada Lac du Bois Conservancy lands, accessible on foot to hikers and snowshoers.   To the north are forested hills, a series of cutblocks in the hills between 1000 and 1400m elevation).   To the east is the upper end of the Lac du Bois Grasslands Protected Area.   Rough backroads can be hiked or biked to the McQueen Creek grasslands.   The Community Grasslands Trail bears east for 14 km to Deep Lake.     Opax Mountain is on the west side.   Some tracks lead up its slopes, but it is remote and not an easy area to navigate.   There are several articles on this site on hiking Opax Mountain.

The McQueen Lake Environmental Education Center is run by School District #73.   Visitors are asked to not use the trails when students are on-site.  There are alternate routes to the lakes, ponds, and meadows (see the map below).   Just 4.5 km past McQueen Lake is the Isobel Lake Recreation Site with a number of opportunities for outdoor recreation.   Pass Lake Recreation Site  is 2.5 km west of McQueen Lake.

In this interactive Google map, information, links, and images are provided.   Use the controls to see it as a full screen map, to zoom in or out, and to pan to different areas.

[Link to the McQueen Lake map (for website subscribers)]

A few Images of the McQueen Lake area are provided here:

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