BC Throne Speech Just Crass Political Opportunism, NDP

BC Throne Speech Just Crass Political Opportunism, NDP

Posted on: June 23, 2017 3:17 pm
by: Michael Crawford, Local Opinions

By: Michael Crawford, President of the Kamloops-North Thompson NDP

(Kamloops) Kamloops-North Thompson NDP President Michael Crawford says that BC Throne Speech today looked like a death-bed repentance or a cynical attempt to stay in power, but it wasn’t a genuine shift in the BC Liberals approach to governing.

“Before the election, Christy Clark had no intention of making life better for people living on social assistance and families unable to secure affordable child care and she certainly had intention of taking big money out of politics” said Crawford. “Now, Clark is in trouble, desperate to cling on to power, and she will promise to do whatever it takes.”

During the 2017 provincial election campaign, BC NDP candidate Barb Nederpel heard from residents in Kamloops and the North Thompson that for the last 16 years the BC Liberals have looked out only for themselves and their rich friends

“Christy Clark made British Columbia less affordable and we paid the price with higher Hydro, MSP and ICBC rates, and cuts to education and healthcare” said Nederpel. “The Throne Speech is just one more distraction to hang on to power that won’t work; Clark can’t be trusted to fix the problems she created.”

British Columbians voted overwhelmingly to replace the Christy Clark Liberals with a new government that works for them instead of the people at the top.

“It’s time for the Legislature to defeat the Christy Clark Liberals, and for John Horgan’s NDP to form the new government that British Columbians voted for” said Crawford. “The NDP and Green agreement will ensure that British Columbians get the stability and certainty needed so a new government can get to work on pressing issues.”

John Horgan is ready to get to work on the commitments made to British Columbians during the 2017 provincial election campaign.

“The Throne Speech, with some exceptions, could have been written by John Horgan” said Crawford. “Clark can’t be trusted to implement the agenda set out in the speech and she hasn’t earned the confidence of the Legislature.”


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