Reconciliation requires recognizing rights-based fishing

by: David Suzuki
Posted on: December 1, 2016 5:30 am

(Photo Credit: Nick Thompsonvia Flickr) Fishing is as emblematic to Canada as ice hockey. It’s also a way of life with a long tradition in coastal Indigenous communities. But since European contact, it’s been all but eliminated as an economic development opportunity for them. As Canada struggles to come to terms with reconciliation, court cases are …

Better discourse for a kinder world

by: David Suzuki
Posted on: November 24, 2016 5:30 am

(Credit: via Flickr) The U.S. election was a chilling illustration of the atrocious state of public discourse. It doesn’t bode well for a country once admired for leadership in education and science. As public relations expert and former David Suzuki Foundation board chair James Hoggan writes in I’m Right and You’re an Idiot, “pollut …

Hard work and love trump fear and hate

by: David Suzuki
Posted on: November 17, 2016 5:30 am

(Credit: Gage Skidmore via Flickr) Now what? Many people in the United States and around the world are dismayed that a bigoted, misogynistic, climate change denier has been elected to the highest office in what is still the world’s most powerful nation. His party controls the House and Senate, meaning pro-fossil-fuel, anti-climate-action representa …

Extinction crisis signals that it’s time to change course

by: David Suzuki
Posted on: November 10, 2016 5:30 am

(Credit: *highlimitzz via Flickr) Clean air, water and soil to grow food are necessities of life. So are diverse plant and animal populations. But as the human population continues to increase, animal numbers are falling. There’s a strong correlation. A comprehensive report from the World Wildlife Federation and the Zoological Society of London fou …

"World class" may not mean much when it comes to oil spill response

by: David Suzuki
Posted on: November 3, 2016 6:21 am

(Credit: FHG Photo via Flickr) In July, a pipeline leak near Maidstone, Saskatchewan, spilled about 250,000 litres of diluted oil sands bitumen into the North Saskatchewan River, killing wildlife and compromising drinking water for nearby communities, including Prince Albert. It was one of 11 spills in the province over the previous year. In Octobe …

Heated debates ignore an overheating planet

by: David Suzuki
Posted on: October 27, 2016 6:30 am

(Credit: Wikimedia Commons) Scientists worldwide accept that Earth is warming at an unusually rapid rate, that humans are primarily responsible, mainly by burning fossil fuels, and that the consequences for humanity will be disastrous if we don’t take immediate, widespread action. The U.S. Defense Department calls climate change a security risk “be …

Food security is important for humans and other animals

by: David Suzuki
Posted on: October 20, 2016 6:30 am

(Credit: Laura Thorne via Flickr) As leaves change colour and drop from trees, and a chill in the air signals the approach of winter, many of us are thinking of the fall harvest and hearty soups and dishes that will soon warm our bellies. Not everyone is lucky enough to enjoy such thoughts. About four million Canadians — including more than a mill …

We can’t dig our way out of the fossil fuels pit

by: David Suzuki
Posted on: October 13, 2016 6:30 am

(Credit: Delta Whiskey via Flickr) I’ve often thought politicians inhabit a parallel universe. Maybe it’s just widespread cognitive dissonance, coupled with a lack of imagination, that compels them to engage in so much contradictory behaviour. Trying to appease so many varying interests isn’t easy. Rather than focusing on short-term economic and co …

Confronting the crisis of violence against Indigenous women and girls in Canada

by: David Suzuki
Posted on: October 6, 2016 6:30 am

(Credit: Howl Arts Collective via Flickr — Edited) In late September, Inuit artist Annie Pootoogook died tragically in Ottawa. Pootoogook was an award-winning illustrator from Cape Dorset, Nunavut. Her ink-and-crayon depictions of everyday life in the north — families sitting to eat a meal of seal meat or shopping at the Arctic co-op — rece …

Carbon dioxide: Pollutant or plant food?

by: David Suzuki
Posted on: September 29, 2016 6:30 am

(Credit: Stephen Thomas via Flickr) Life evolved to live within limits. It’s a delicate balance. Humans need oxygen, but too much can kill us. Plants need nitrogen, but excess nitrogen harms them, and pollutes rivers, lakes and oceans. Ecosystems are complex. Our health and survival depend on intricate interactions that ensure we get the right amou …