Cause of death confirmed for Cory Monteith

Cause of death confirmed for Cory Monteith

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 Sunday March 17, 2019
Cause of death confirmed for Cory Monteith

The BC Coroners Service announces the cause of death of Cory Monteith was a mixture of toxicity, including heroin and alcohol. Mr. Monteith, aged 31, was found deceased in his room at the Fairmont Pacific Rim hotel in downtown Vancouver, British Columbia, shortly after noon on July 13, 2013.

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38 thoughts on “Cause of death confirmed for Cory Monteith”

  1. Doen't matter HOW he died. What is really important is his life,and how he gets all the things in his life,with faith and perseverance. Do you understand now??? He died, it's tragic, but his life was bigger

  2. dont be so rude, everyone around them knew he had a problem, he was recently out of rehab and in Vancouver he had bad friends around him that provided him with drugs and pushed him to use.. its a sad and tragic loss of a talented man <3

  3. you are a vile hating spewing creature. Death is a sad thing, especially when its someone you care for or idolise, this man had a huge following and he was caught up in an illness. Leave this video and spew your bullshit somewhere else.

  4. he wasnt a bad person though, he did these amazing things for others but couldnt help himself, he only harmed himself physically, i understand his family and loved ones will feel pain but he was never a horrible person to society, and comparing him to a child abuser is disgusting and disrespectful.

  5. Sure he did choose to do drugs but remember he started at a young age when he was 13 and teens often are influenced by society or rather think its "cool" but because he started, your brain automatically builds up a tolerance for it, and keeps you wanting more and more each time. Yes, he did die of drugs and that looks really bad compared to a person who died of cancer, but the reason people mourn him and "praise" him so much is because he was such a great, loving guy

  6. KingRio414, no truer words have been spoken. Condolences to Cory's family of course. But to die from heroin and alcohol? Pathetic. And Gleek Fans were asking people to vote for Glee for Teen Choice Awards just because Cory died??? WTF really.. don't use someone's death to ask for votes for teens choice! it's not a charity cause.

  7. Im dissapointed on his cause of dead, but I just wish he died quick and painless cause… no one deserves to die like he did

  8. thumbs down this all you want, but Cory is a piece of shot, throwing away his life like this. He had fame and money, surely people that cared about him were close by. Who would throw that away? Even if it was an accidental overdose, he shouldn't be taking heroin in the first place. And why are celebrity deaths different?

  9. It didn't kill your dads brother. Put a person in a room with a syringe of herion and it will not murder him. Your dads brother was a drug junkie and killed himself taking a harmful drug. Sad people blame drugs for killing when in reality no one is forcing you to take them, its a choice.

  10. It's so sad Cory "accidentally" injected or ingested too much heroin. Why isn't anyone warning people about preventible accidents like people tripping and falling onto a syringe full of heroin. Or when simply breathing air and a bag of drugs ends up under your nose accidentally…

  11. @Living LuvinLife99 I only have a comment. You have mentioned you went
    to PRIVATE SCHOOL..& telling someone he has a brain of a 2 years old.
    Why is it you are using the word, THAN instead of THEN? I guess your parents wasted their money on your school if you can't use then properly.

  12. Ok yeah he and the 51 year old Whitney Houston both were addicts!
    & Wow you really got a problem insisting and posting several replies saying he should've died ,what is your problem fuckhead ?

  13. first thing kiklarm tagg he was wonderful and you are crool to say that second i dont care how he died he will always play a role in my growing up the man he made me laugh when nothing else could even i only  knew him as a charecter he is much more to me rest in peace someone will always love you

  14. Finn assistir glee me fez acreditar em quem eu sou,adoro cantar é o meu sonho e quado eu ser famoso foi cantar uma música se glee para omenagiar VC y love??????????????????

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