First Interior university research funding opportunity opens

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TRU researchers are encouraged to apply for the first research granting opportunity as part of the Interior University Research Coalition/Tri-University Partnership Research Fund. Special Call: Disaster PR³ The fund is designed to promote inter-institutional and inter-disciplinary research collaborations among TRU, UBC-Okanagan, and the University of Northern British Columbia. Read: BC’s Interior universities join forces to take research to a new level, InsideTRU, Dec. 15, 2015 The special …

Nicole’s Notes: Saying yes to the student experience

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As a Communications and Marketing WorkStudy student for the Faculty of Student Development, Nicole Stanchfield is seeing student life in a whole new light. Currently completing her double major in psychology and sociology and is enrolling in the social work program in 2019, Nicole is documenting her mature student experience. She also wants to make time to explore university offerings to further expand her social, academic and personal horizons. As fall semester wraps up, I find myself in a stat …

Faculty is listening to Indigenous students’ needs

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In Indigenous cultures, community is incredibly important. In a world that has become increasingly individualized, Indigenous people continue to see the value in relationships and collaboration. When Indigenous students leave home for university, the new atmosphere is often a stark contrast to the community life that they are used to. They walk through crowds of people looking down at their phones, headphones in and gazes averted. With funding from the Coyote Project – a campusswide initiative t …

Awards mark milestone for TRU graduate programs

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“It means everything to me.” Dana Eye, one of eight students who received the inaugural Dr. Sherman Jen Graduate Awards said she’s relieved to be able to focus on her studies, without the burden of worrying about how to pay for tuition. “For the year ahead I can focus on my research with added security. And knowing that I’m worth having this award really pushed me up and encouraged me. It was something I really didn’t expect,” said Eye, a Master of Science in Environmental Science student who is …

Two friends fulfill dreams of ending sleep issues

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A poor night’s sleep can be detrimental to your health. Sleep deprived individuals experience excessive daytime sleepiness, decreased cognitive functioning, emotional difficulties, poor job performance and a lowered quality of life—it should not be ignored. Thanks to TRU’s Open Learning program, two best friends are bringing a new medical service to northern Quebec. They are hoping to empower and educate the Cree Nation of James Bay to improve their quality of sleep. In July of 2014, respi …

Jeffrey Meyers on the latest in the Mueller investigation

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Jeffrey Meyers is a regular guest on CHNL Radio with news director Shane Woodford on Inside Politics. On Dec. 11, they discussed the latest Trump woes south of the border, looking at the Robert Mueller investigation and court filings on Paul Manafort and Michael Cohen. Inside Politics   View Link to Original Source

Welding program sparks new designs for national park

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Critters and historic moments are coming to life in new, and interactive ways in the mountain town of Revelstoke, BC. For more than 20 years now with Parks Canada, TRU Open Learning alumni Zuzana Riha and Rob Buchanan have been using their love of art to educate visitors inside the national park. “We get to tell different stories about where we live by using different mediums for our projects. Each day is a new experience and I love what I do,” said Buchanan. Coming from different sides of the c …

Shop on campus this holiday season

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It’s that time of year again—the stores are crowded with holiday shoppers, hustling and bustling to get the perfect gifts for their loved ones. Why not take some of the stress out of shopping and avoid the mall by finding a few gifts right here on campus? Here are the best places at TRU to stop by and grab a fun gift for someone on your list, or maybe even a little something for yourself. Campus Bookstore Campus Activity Centre Don’t be deceived by your bookstore memories of buying dry textbooks …

Talk to the Experts with Iain Stewart-Patterson: Snow safety

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TRU Adventure Studies faculty member Iain Stewart-Patterson putting his backcountry tips to the test. When it comes to snow safety, calling Iain Stewart-Patterson an expert is like calling powder skiing enjoyable—accurate, but only scratching the surface. One of the few guides fully certified by the International Federation of Mountain Guides Association and the only one by the Association of Canadian Mountain Guides to also complete a PhD—notably on the role of intuition in the decision process …

Cosmic display comes to downtown

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Rarely do comets blaze across the night sky. A glimmering projectile in the distance brought to life when peering through a telescope. Kamloops citizens don’t need to stare at the night sky to catch a glimpse of the cosmic snowball. A TRU professor constructed one of his own from recycled materials and in the new year, it will be permanently positioned above the entrance to the Thompson-Nicola Regional District (TNRD) Civic Building which houses the Kamloops Art Gallery and Library. Donald Lawre …

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