CBC’s What on Earth? | Canada’s colleges and universities among the greenest in the world

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The 2019 Sustainable Campus Index put out recently by the Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education (AASHE), an international organization put Thompson Rivers University at the top of the sustainability rankings for masters institutions. Scroll down in CBC’s green e-newsletter, What on Earth?, has the story. Read more View Link to Original Source

Mitacs Workshop: Essentials of Productive Teams

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More than ever, organizational success depends on people working together effectively. The pressure to communicate productively, quickly turn ideas into profitable action and consistently deliver results never decreases. Using team simulation exercises, participants work from a clear understanding of personal strengths and an appreciation of the differences in others will be the foundation of success in the future. Register now Course Objective: To constitute an effective team, its members must …

TRU Law faculty and students publish journal on animal law

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The latest volume of the Canadian Journal of Comparative and Contemporary Law edited by faculty and students of TRU Law is delving into a topic that hasn’t been given in-depth treatment by other Canadian law journals. Until now. This is the first Canadian law journal to devote an entire issue to animal law. Research in animal law is growing, and 2019 has been an unprecedented year for legislative reform in the field, with three important bills passed by Parliament. Beyond Humanity: New Frontiers …

CHNL | Robert Hanlon on the federal election

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The writ is dropped and the campaign is on. Dr. Robert Hanlon, TRU associate professor of political studies, talks to Jeff Andreas about what’s in store in the coming weeks of campaigning. View Link to Original Source

Canadian Geographic | Return to Raspberry Rising

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Cave explorer Christian Stenner wrote about the Raspberry Rising cave system and included a sidebar on Dr. Naowarat (Ann) Cheeptham and her research into cave bacteria having potential as medical “superheroes.” Read more View Link to Original Source

Transforming health research

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This story first appeared in the spring 2019 edition of Bridges Magazine: The Sustainability Issue. Bridges is the official publication of TRU alumni and friends, and can be read online in its entirety at tru.ca/bridges. Dr. Lisa Bourque Bearskin wants to shift the deficit-based narrative in health care from illness to wellness. The associate professor in TRU’s School of Nursing conducts research with diverse Indigenous nations in BC and Alberta, community leaders, other TRU researchers, Interio …

Ethics in Student Research Workshop

 September 11, 2019 /  Darryl Schmidt /  Education, Kamloops, News, TRU /  No Comments

Why is ethical conduct required in research? And what are the necessary steps to conducting ethical research? Students, both graduate and undergraduate, are encouraged to join TRU Ethics and Compliance Officer Debbie Krebs for this informative workshop in the Undergraduate Research Commons. Much of the presentation is reserved for questions and answers, allowing students an opportunity to address issues specific to their own research projects.   View Link to Original Source

Safety & Security at TRU: Reducing risk on campus

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Campus is a safe place, but when it comes to safety and security, it never hurts to apply a little situational awareness and some preventive measures. Download the TRU SAFE app. Receive real-time information on safety, security and emergency protocols. Pay attention to your surroundings. Be aware of the world around you. If you’re walking with headphones on, avoid having the volume up too high. Limit texting while you’re on the move; that’s a tripping hazard just waiting to happen! Reduce cards …

Submitting a strong NSERC Discovery Grant

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Faculty are invited to this session, facilitated by Anita Sharma, Manager, Research Services, to develop strong applications for NSERC Discovery Grants (DG). The session will begin with a brief presentation on NSERC review process, high points of the DG application, and tips for submitting a strong application followed by a question and answer period. We are also inviting current DG holders who will share their expertise with the applicants. View Link to Original Source

CHNL Talk to the Experts | Rebecca Sanford on World Suicide Prevention Day

 September 11, 2019 /  Darryl Schmidt /  Education, Kamloops, News, TRU /  No Comments

Dr. Rebecca Sanford teaches in the School of Social Work and Human Service. Her primary area of expertise is suicide and mental health. She talks to CHNL’s Paul Graham about suicide. Listen here View Link to Original Source

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