Hundreds of World’s Brightest Young Minds Spending Summer in Canada to Help Advance Leading-Edge Canadian Research

 July 14, 2019 /  Darryl Schmidt /  Canada, Education, TRU /  No Comments

Top student from India working at Thompson Rivers University in Kamloops to develop a first-of-its-kind terrorist detection tool to help authorities keep people safe at large public gatherings Kamloops, B.C. – As Canada moves forward with its ambitious plan to become an innovation powerhouse, a national organization is already attracting top young talent from around the world this summer. One of those rising global stars is a computer science researcher from India who is spending three months in …

#WhereCanadaLives: What do the caribou, wolverine and Canada warbler have in common?

 June 5, 2019 /  DavidSuzukiFDN /  Canada, Environment /  No Comments

Test your knowledge: What do the caribou, wolverine and Canada warbler have in common? Find out in this week’s episode of #WhereCanadaLives! You can take action to protect Ontario’s wildlife. The government is scheduled to pass destructive changes to the Endangered Species Act as early as next week. Call your MPP today ??

Renewable energy powers food production at Just Food Farm

 June 4, 2019 /  DavidSuzukiFDN /  Canada, Environment /  No Comments

Just Food Farm is a 150-acre demonstration farm that models sustainable food production and practices in the Ottawa Greenbelt. It’s also home to a new solar energy installation that shows how renewable energy can power sustainable food production.

WhereCanadaLives: What animal is on the back of Canada's quarter?

 May 21, 2019 /  DavidSuzukiFDN /  Canada, Environment /  1 Comment

This week on #WhereCanadaLives??: What animal is on the back of Canada’s quarter?

#WhereCanadaLives: What is the Boreal?

 May 7, 2019 /  DavidSuzukiFDN /  Canada, Environment /  2 Comments

We’re hitting the streets to find out how much Canadians know about their country. This is #WhereCanadaLives. First up: What is the Boreal? ????????????? Learn more about our Boreal forest work ??

David Suzuki's Queen of Green – "How to Avoid Spoilage"

 May 3, 2019 /  DavidSuzukiFDN /  Canada, Environment /  No Comments Did you know that the average household wastes 1 in 4 food products? That’s 470lbs of food that is wasted! Here, in this video, David Suzuki’s Queen of Green – Lindsay Coulter, helps you waste less food and money with some easy tips to remember when storing your perishable foods.

What can a raven show you about Canada's west coast?

 May 2, 2019 /  DavidSuzukiFDN /  Canada, Environment /  9 Comments

This stunning journey through the coast reveals love, risk and opportunity. Imminent threats to the BC coast from oil tankers and pipelines have helped make people realize just how important the coast is to our way of life. In this this time of uncertainty and complex challenges, we are concerned about our future. But there’s good reason for hope for the B.C. coast. Many coastal First Nations are working together with the provincial government to develop a long-term plans for how we use, manage …

David Suzuki: Cause an Effect

 May 1, 2019 /  DavidSuzukiFDN /  Canada, Environment /  3 Comments

For nearly 20 years, the David Suzuki Foundation has been telling Canadians stories about the need to protect our planet. Now we want you to share your story with us.

Que représente le golfe du St-Laurent pour vous ?

 April 30, 2019 /  DavidSuzukiFDN /  Canada, Environment /  3 Comments

Nous avons demandé à quelques personnes habitant près du golfe du Saint-Laurent de nous expliquer l’importance du golfe à leurs yeux, et quelles sont leurs inquiétudes face à l’exploitation d’hydrocarbures dans ce milieu marin. Voici leurs réactions.

Your MP needs to hear from you about the Canadian Environmental Protection Act

 April 29, 2019 /  DavidSuzukiFDN /  Canada, Environment /  No Comments

We only have a narrow window of time to help secure a far more effective Canadian Environmental Protection Act. Blue Dotters Peter and Alaya explain what’s happening for environmental rights and how you can help:

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