Come visit the 4th Ave Pedestrian Plaza Pilot Project

 July 28, 2018 /  Darryl Schmidt /  Business, Community, Kamloops, News /  No Comments

The City, the Kamloops Central Business Improvement Association (KCBIA), and local businesses are excited to announce that the 4th Ave Pedestrian Plaza is now open! The pilot project to create an animated, lively, pedestrianized public space with seating areas, planters, street trees, street games, and performers runs until August 12. The 4th Ave Pedestrian Plaza is located from the alley between Lansdowne Street and Victoria Street to the alley between Victoria Street and Seymour Street, with V …

Business Council of British Columbia – B.C. Employment Growth by Occupation — The Long View

 July 27, 2018 /  Darryl Schmidt /  BC, Business, News /  No Comments

B.C. Employment Growth by Occupation — The Long View By David Williams How has the labour market in British Columbia changed over the past thirty years? How has technology reshaped it? What occupations have shown the most and the least employment growth? A long-term perspective can help answer these questions — and also allow us to see through the vicissitudes of the business cycle.  Over 1987-2017, the fastest-growing occupations in B.C. were in the following areas (Figure 1): arts, culture, …

Minister Melanie Mark’s Year in Review

 July 23, 2018 /  Darryl Schmidt /  BC, Business, News, Video /  No Comments

Melanie Mark shares highlights from her first year as Minister of Advanced Education, Skills and Training.

How will Digitalization Affect the Labour Market

 July 23, 2018 /  Darryl Schmidt /  BC, Business, News /  No Comments

How will digital technologies impact the labour market? Below are six propositions that seek to shed light on this important question. The challenge facing policy-makers – in British Columbia, Canada and globally – is how to maximise the productivity gains of technological progress through digitalization, while taking steps to mitigate its intrinsically-skewed distribution of benefits.  Technological capabilities have expanded. The range of human tasks that can technically be pe …

Toward Higher Costs and Less Competition in Public Sector Procurement

 July 19, 2018 /  Darryl Schmidt /  BC, Business, News /  No Comments

By Jock Finlayson The provincial government is establishing a new framework for developing and sourcing labour to build public-sector infrastructure projects.  Earlier this week, Premier John Horgan and Transportation and Infrastructure Minister Claire Trevena released an umbrella “Community Benefits Agreement” (CBA), intended to achieve several objectives: To increase the use of apprentices on major public-sector infrastructure projects; To increase hiring and training of Indig …

Where Does the Money Come From The B.C. Governments Top Revenue Sources

 July 18, 2018 /  Darryl Schmidt /  BC, Business, News /  No Comments

By Jock Finlayson According to the 2018 B.C. budget, this year the provincial government will spend almost $54 billion.  This figure includes the cost of government itself, as well as provincial funding allocated to help pay for health care, education, and social services.  Next year (2019-20), spending is slated to jump to $56.8 billion.  To put this in context, the entire B.C. economy generates annual economic activity totaling some $290 billion.[1]  So, provincial governme …

Rural Dividend Program: 2018 Intake Info Session

 July 17, 2018 /  Darryl Schmidt /  BC, Business, News, Video /  No Comments

Originally broadcast on July 17, 2018 The BC Rural Dividend Program provides $25 million a year to assist rural communities with a population of 25,000 or less to reinvigorate and diversify their local economies. The program is focused on supporting projects that help rural communities navigate changes impacting their economies, such as attracting and retaining youth, using innovation to drive economic growth, and developing new and effective partnerships to support shared prosperity. The Progra …

Expanding BC’s Electric Vehicle Network

 July 16, 2018 /  Darryl Schmidt /  BC, Business, News, Video /  No Comments

British Columbians will now have access to 11 new public electric vehicle (EV) charging stations added to highway rest areas, making it easier than ever to drive from one side of the province to the other in an EV. Learn more:

Campfire Safety in BC

 July 16, 2018 /  Darryl Schmidt /  BC, Business, News, Video /  No Comments

Know the rules and regulations before you go! Fire information officers Brenna and Kyla share some tips that will help you keep BC’s forests green and safe while you enjoy your campfire this summer.

An Update on Government Finances

 July 16, 2018 /  Darryl Schmidt /  BC, Business, News /  No Comments

By Jock Finlayson In last week’s Monetary Policy Report, the Bank of Canada indicated that the Canadian economy is now operating at full capacity, with little or no “slack” available to help spur faster growth over the 2018-20 period.  Against that backdrop, it is useful to consider the current state of government finances. Projected Government Budget Balances, 2018-19 Federal Government $18.1 billion deficit Alberta $8.8 billion deficit Ontario $6.7 billion deficit Newfou …

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